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Limnos is also known as Lemnos which is an island of Greece located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. Myrina is the principal town of this island which is the eighth biggest island of Greece. Fruits and vegetables are the main crops grown here in this island. You can find fruits and vegetables like melons, almonds, watermelons, tomatoes and olives in this region. The climate here you will find in this region is mainly Mediterranean and winters here is usually mild. If you are looking to buy a property here in Limnos, then first of all you have to look for a property dealer.

Getting Over

There is the bus service at Varo, Lyhna, Roussopouli, Moudro, Agia Sofia, Kaminia, Korno, Caspaka, Pedino, Agio Dimitrio, Rimano, Portiano, Panagia, Kalliopi, and Plaka. Car, taxis and bike rentals are also available.


There are many bars, discos, tavernas and cafes and you will not at all get bored.


  • Evgati is one amazing sandy beach (around 1Km from Kondias)
  • Keros Sandy, the best and the most famous beach.
  • Plati Sandy beach
  • Riha Nera grains of the golden sand and swallow waters
  • Romaikos Yialos waters
  • Thanos has golden stretch of sand

Limnos with the prettiest harbours at Greece, beautiful picturesque and beaches, the traditional villages that are untouched by the modern day tourism, hardly actually fits with Greek Island stereotypes. This lies low with the gently rolling hills, the lush green carpet in spring, which gets cracling yellow brown in summer. This landscape is dotted with the fields of grain, beehives and quirky scarerows.

You may do watersports on many of these beaches in Lemnos, and also there are tennis courts & golf course. At Mirinia there is the cinema, and films are also shown in the original language with the Greek subtitles.

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